Framing By Myself, Part 3

This was one of those days where I realized I think I bit off more than I could chew by suggesting in Deek’s workshop last year that a “building it alone challenge” for a women in her 60’s wouldn’t be too difficult. And I have no building, design or construction experience either. I started with a Dewalt drill.

This project was to serve as a model to everyone that they could build an off the grid, debt-free, ecologically friendly tiny house with a bit of gumption, creativity and a passion for the sustainable tiny life. So I just bit my lip and remembered the NIKE ad, “Just do it!”


I had an inkling that the future would hold a few more of these internal pep talks.

Sheathing.2Now for taping the seams with ZIP tape which I found out was a very sticky job.


Now for the first “topping out” ceremony – an homage to the construction Gods and Goddesses!


*Note: the names you see written all over the house are donors that made contributions to the Silver Bullet Indiegogo Tiny House Campaign in August, 2013 (small funding to frame the exterior).