Tiny House/Sustainable Lifestyle Services

Tiny House and Silver Bullet Consultations:

Is a sustainable lifestyle for you? Let me help you navigate the elemental choices and questions that arise when designing a sustainable lifestyle.  As a woman who has designed, built and dwells in an award-winning, customized, non-toxic, zero-waste, off-grid, sustainable lifestyle tiny house on wheels, I have much to offer.

Let my years of sustainable lifestyle design and tiny house research, hands-on workshop experience, tinyhouse building experience, current tinyhouse legislative experience, and 18,265 mile THOW tour experience serve you.  I can guide and facilitate your next steps into a sustainable lifestyle and/or the tiny house tribe.* I have been teaching and facilitating sustainable lifestyle design since 2012.

Since September 2017 tours of my tiny home are no longer available. Consultations are available and require full fee deposit prior to consult. Travel expenses are included.

Consultation services provided:

Tinyhouse design

Land use design for tiny houses

Tinyhouse village design

Tinyhouse legalization strategies for your state

Tinyhouse build design assessment and touring may be performed via Zoom or Google Hangout; however, if travel is involved, there is currently a gas surcharge, mileage surcharge or air charge.

To set an appointment, and learn the varied fee structure, email me at: taospirit@mac.com.

Note: Once you have paid your deposit via Venmo, your consultation will be booked and confirmed to accommodate our schedules. Rescheduling requires a 48-hour notice and fees are non-refundable.

Silver Bullet Speaker/Workshop Bookings:

Vera Struck, founder emeritus of TerraBluTeams, a Mass. 501(c)3 sustainable lifestyle non-profit, and the Silver Bullet Tiny House designer/builder/dweller, is available for keynotes/speaking/consultation engagements on the following topics:

Why tiny? Why Now? How one woman’s tiny house was her “Silver Bullet”, a model for resilient living in a world of diminishing resources.

Living the Sustainable Tiny Life

How to design your own “Sustainable Tiny Life”

The Net Zero Silver Bullet Tiny House Project/Build

The Tiny House Journey

Touring in a Tiny House on Wheels

For details, speaker fee schedule, or to book a speaking engagement, contact verastruck@mac.com.

* I have degrees in the Fine Arts, 35 years experience as an entrepreneur and graduated the EC6 class in Sustainable Management from Presidio, the world’s 1st and leading Graduate School in Sustainable Management.