The eBook’s are here: Living the Sustainable Tiny Life & Workbook

Two e-Books are now available to empower YOU!

Email me at to purchase via Venmo @Vera-Struck. Both books are digital and sent in PDF computer formats.

Living the Sustainable Tiny Life                                                             $25.00

Achieving a sustainable lifestyle can be hard physical work and emotionally challenging. It requires character building and shedding layers of consumptive baggage and habits.

At sixty years of age, Vera Struck left the debt culture behind and designed a sustainable lifestyle. Her first step was to design and build a zero-waste, off-grid solar tiny house based on biomimicry.

In this book, Vera charts how she overcame socially, financially and physically daunting odds in her transformative tiny house journey. Included are hundreds of pictures of her Silver Bullet tinyhouse and her sustainable resource choices. This e-book is in PDF format with active links. 2nd Edition.

Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Workbook                                           $20.00

Become empowered to design a sustainable lifestyle from author, Vera Struck, who designed, built, and dwells in her zero waste water-harvesting, solar tiny house on wheels. This workbook will guide you to actualize a life that sustains you in ten exercises.

Whether you are ‘tiny life’ curious, ‘sustainable lifestyle’ curious or just want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can accomplish this in 8-12 weeks.

Benefit from her ten years of workshops, classes and direct consulting in sustainable lifestyle design.

This comes to you in PDF format with exercises and space to record your new journey, if printed.

Comments about Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Workbook:

This is a wonderful e-book written by Vera Struck. One of the pieces that many often miss is that experiencing a truly successful tiny house experience requires more than simply moving into smaller square footage. A change in lifestyle and awareness is also necessary for the best results. Vera’s workbook takes readers through various pertinent and important exercises that will best prepare them for an amazing new life. It’s obvious that she has learned a lot from her life experiences and making her own move to tiny, so she’s a great author to put this all together. The workbook would have been helpful for us when we got started on our own tiny house and downsizing journey!! “ Andrew and Gabriella Morrison, Authors of the Idiots Guide to Tiny House Designing, Building and Living and Tiny Build Workshops

Comments about Living the Sustainable Tiny Life:

“It isn’t often you read a book that is grounded in the tiny house movement that touches on such a rich autobiographical history. Chronicling her career(s) in finance, redevelopment, visual art, and education, author Vera Struck builds her reasons for tackling the Silver Bullet Tiny House challenge she set for herself.
If you want to read an incredible book about someone who picked herself up by her bootstraps, found something she is passionate about, went for it, and is living large to tell the tale — then read this book. It’s a story of survival, personal growth and enlightenment towards a more sustainable American Dream.”
-Andrew Odom, co-founder of Tiny r(E)volution and author of YOUR MESSAGE HERE: Gaining Corporate Sponsors for Your Tiny House Project
“Vera Struck certainly rocks with the power of several Vikings. Well into her sixties, she decides, “I want to design, and build, an off-grid, sustainable, tiny house that will serve as a traveling class room”, and does. She’s equal parts piss, vinegar, and infused-caffeine, not to mention damn driven.”
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen (Author of “Microshelters”,, and host/designer of HGTV’s “Tiny House Builders”)
“In Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, Vera Struck tells us a tiny house story that is uniquely her own. It is an inspiring journey that will help you make important realizations about what you want in your tiny house journey. While many of us are driven to the tiny house lifestyle seeking freedom from the debt culture, Vera’s story is full of hardship, challenges overcome, and proof that anyone can achieve a tiny house if they know their “why” and “how”. Once I started reading Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, I couldn’t put it down. In addition to Vera’s inspiring personal journey, she gives the reader a detailed look at how and why she designed each element of her house the way that she did. I was surprised to learn that she managed to get her floor to have an R value of 33 with an ingenious design and construction method. I definitely recommend this book for anyone considering but isn’t sure if they can gain the skills required to do it themselves. Living the Sustainable Tiny Life will give you the kick you need to get moving!”
– Ethan Waldman, Tiny House Designer/Builder/Dweller/Author of Tiny House DecisionsTiny House Parking
 “Anytime I need a shot of enthusiasm I go back to Living the Sustainable Tiny Life and Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Workbook. You have lit a fire in me just believing it can be possible.”
 – M. M. Martin, Tiny House Enthusiast

27 thoughts on “The eBook’s are here: Living the Sustainable Tiny Life & Workbook

    • Being a sustainability consultant, I prefer not to use trees. I am in the process of making a limited edition on recycled paper, will let you know when those come out (maybe an updated edition next year).

      I will ask my publication person what a Kindle version involves and get back to you.

    • You can. All you have to do is buy the book and my publishing company, SendOwl will send you a PDF file. You can print that. As a sustainability educator I prefer the e-version as it saves trees and affords the reader the opportunity to click on all the links to enable them to connect directly to all my resources, resources of the building materials I chose, concepts, etc.

  1. My husband and I just met you at the Florida Tiny House Festival, and loved seing your home as an extension of your creative personality! (You’ve met thousands I’m sure, but we are both Hispanic – Cuban- and Mexican-American, which was a little different for the crowd). We’re inspired to work toward our plan of building a tiny home with sustainability in mind. I would also like a kindle version of your book. Maybe I can figure out a way to put the PDF version on it, or read it on my tablet. Thanks for your hospitality and your willingness to educate!

    • The e-book is my sustainable solution to saving trees. When you purchase it, remember the discount code, FLAFEST, good until tomorrow. You can easily read the PDF file and enjoy the hundreds of pictures on any device, I believe.

      Go tiny, eat kale!

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