Join us at Deek’s Vermont Tiny House Summer Camp 3!

I will be speaking at Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s Vermont Tiny House Summer Camp, along with other tiny house luminaries!

I had the opportunity to be a speaker at the Tiny House Jamboree which exceeded its expected attendance of 10,000 – it went viral and 40,000 tiny house enthusiasts came. My blog entry about that experience is coming soon.
Deek’s speech was inspiring and amazing – he set the tone for this unique tiny house community event. He is included in my book, “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”, just published, and available online here.
So, mark your calendars for the weekend of September 18-20, 2015. Register as soon as you can, they get sold out quickly! For link to register, click here
tiny house summer camp 3 final flyer smaller

4 thoughts on “Join us at Deek’s Vermont Tiny House Summer Camp 3!

  1. Vera
    I spoke to “Deek” he suggested I contact you.
    I am interested in talking with you about Tiny Houses and to build one.
    Would you email me I would love to talk with you.
    Thank you

      • Vera:
        I would like to know for off Grid.
        1. What do you use to run Stove, Fridge,
        Heat, AC etc.
        2. How do you get Water source.
        3. Where can I buy a trailer for the least amount of money.
        I have no water or electricity on my land.
        Thank you

      • I have a workshop coming up in October where I give a tour and answer all the design/building envelope/ systems thinking questions in detail. Or feel free to purchase my new book, Living the Sustainable Tiny Life (click on page on website).
        Here are the short answers:
        1. My tiny house is powered by renewables only: solar/ethanol through deep cycle batteries and biomass stove in winter.
        2. Potable water is harvested from 3 sources. Nearby stream for drinking, one side of metal roof for potable shower/dishwater-other side 60 gal. tank for garden, landscaping, & cleaning.
        3. If you are handy with metal work, you can repurpose a used one. Be aware, I have had friends spend more time and money on “fixer-uppers” than buying a new one. Please feel free to search my website, there are many entries on all these topics. Here’s the trailer link:

        Hope this helps!

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