The Silver Bullet, is a model for living a sustainable tiny lifestyle. I designed and built this zero-waste, off-grid, non-toxic tiny house in 2012, which serves as a modular example of sustainable lifestyle design.

To date, I have travelled 18,265 miles to speak about my tiny house journey that brings me MORE time, MORE substance, MORE passion, meaning and community while having LESS stuff, LESS stress, LESS work, LESS maintenance and cost.

My name is Vera Struck and I am an artist, a mother, an entrepreneur, a tiny house designer/builder/dweller/consultant and author. I am a “hugger” and love to meet people, creating community. The Silver Bullet Tiny House is now retired from traveling; however you can schedule a ttinyhouse consultation via Zoom or GoogleHangout, please click on our services page.

Our open houses, tours, and workshops empower individuals with an engagement model to lead themselves, their families, communities and workplaces towards a sustainable world.

From the bottom UP, a grass roots approach, not from the TOP DOWN.

Tiny House Blogs

The contents of this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice. While all information shared here is believed to be accurate, the owner/operator of this website specifically disclaims all warranties expressed, implied or statutory, regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and/or completeness of the information contained herein. Please discuss any specific needs with a qualified professional.


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  1. Wow Vera, I really like the video house tour. You have done an awesome job at building a very beautiful, sustainable, tiny house. I like the 2 exterior doors, makes life easier. And, to think you built it, mostly, by yourself, WOW! Maybe, that means, I too, @ 70 could build a tiny house. Interesting thought. Where did you store your house, during the winter months? Your art is phenomenal as well. Also, appreciate that you are helping others to realize that we could all live with much less. Thank You, David

  2. Very inspirational. It has made me even more excited about my plans to own a tiny home, thank you. Love your home. It has so much character. Beautiful.

  3. Congratulations. I Love your tiny house. I live in Rhode Island I would love to see it in person. Do you bring it to Rhode Island?
    Thank you

    • The house has been permanently situated in Northern Massachusetts after I completed my 18 month tiny house tour. Please feel free to schedule a consult which includes a tour of my newly renovated tiny house. Please go to my page entitled “Tiny House/Sustainable Lifestyle Services” and begin.

  4. I had the opportunity of meeting Ms. Struck many years ago. Well, I was 21 years old. She was such an inspiration to me. She was kind, optimistic, bubbly and hig energy! She said I have something for you and returned with a gift of two autographed canvas paintings which I still have and cherish as a wonderful gift of kindness.

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