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  1. I am trying to help a local builder in Tennessee obtain liability insurance for your type of business. Could you tell me what insurance company or companies you were able to obtain coverage through? Not the agent but the actual insurance companies.

  2. HI, Vera! You are some woman! i am struck with awe to read and see photos of your build weeks 1-9. I wonder what/who you would recommend as the most/best sources for ‘confidence’ in building. Was it the Deek workshop? other workshops? a book? I’d say it’s YOU and your determination and vision. but I wonder, as I have been to a Deek workshop; have read about 10 books on building tinies; and have been following the ‘movement’ since the Hurricane Katrina.
    so, I you are willing, Now i will read more of your ‘articles’. thanks.

    • Bonnie,

      Any ambitious project takes determination, skill, patience and vision. Especially when you are not using a tiny house “kit” and have no building skills and are disabled as I am.

      Pursuing (and soon to achieve) a new American Dream and a getting-to-zero footprint has been an incredible five year journey of joy, enlightenment, revelation, sharing, and source of community.

      If you are in New England, come and tour the Silver Bullet, it’s almost completed!

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