June Tiny House Tours/Workshops at the Klay Winery


Come to the beautiful Laurel mountains, 65 miles SE of Pittsburgh, PA. and learn all about tiny houses on wheels. Take a 30 minute tour of the charming Silver Bullet Tiny House, by designer, builder, artist and author, Vera Struck for $15. You will discover repurposed and reclaimed resources, renewable energy systems, a zero waste, off-grid tiny house on wheels made from sustainable non-toxic materials. For the serious tiny house enthusiasts we recommend the 3 hour workshop  $75., where you will learn tiny house building systems, tiny house decisions about trailers, materials, building design, parking, zoning, etc.

30 minute tours for the tiny house curious, $15., $20 at the door. Pre-purchase your tickets here for whichever day you wish to come. Pre-ticket holders get preference over at the door buyers.

The 30 minute tours are limited to 12 attendees per session

June 11th: 30 minute tour (on the hour 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM)

June 12th: 30 minute tour (on the hour 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2PM)

June 18th: 30 minute tour (on the hour 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM)

June 19th: 30 minute tour (on the hour 10AM, 11AM, 1PM, 2PM)

The 3 hour tiny house workshop gets you:

• entrance to the enchanting grounds of the Christian W. Klay Winery

• 3 hour tour and workshop in and around the Silver Bullet Tiny House. Learn about the tiny house movement and Vera’s personal tiny house journey. Ms. Struck will share her building envelope design based on bio-mimicry. She will discuss many of the tiny house decisions that face those enthusiast’s curious about the movement. Trailer modification, design process, framing, sheathing, downsizing transitions, insulation and energy systems will be covered. Includes light refreshments, building samples and 30 minute Q&A session. Bring your sense of humor!!

• Includes light refreshments, and building resource samples (as long as they last, so register early)

• a copy of her e-book, “Living the Sustainable Tiny Life” will be included in the tour/workshop

• after each workshop the Christian W. Klay Winery will provide a wine tasting

June 11th: 9-12 AM Limited to 12 attendees 

June 18th: 9-12 AM Limited to 12 attendees

If you are planning an entire weekend of enjoyment in the Laurel Highlands, we suggest:

• enjoying one of the many local white water rafting challenges

• visiting one of the three Frank Lloyd Wright homes (including Falling Water, 10 minutes away)

• visit the Ridge Runner Distillery across the street

• take in a swim, golf, a spa treatment, or a holistic healing session at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Comments about her book:
Once I started reading Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, I couldn’t put it down. In addition to Vera’s inspiring personal journey, she gives the reader a detailed look at how and why she designed each element of her house the way that she did. I was surprised to learn that she managed to get her floor to have an R value of 33 with an ingenious design and construction method. I definitely recommend this book for anyone considering but isn’t sure if they can gain the skills required to do it themselves. Living the Sustainable Tiny Life will give you the kick you need to get moving!” – Ethan Waldman, Tiny House Designer/Builder/Dweller/Author of Tiny House DecisionsTiny House Parking
Other comments about her e-book by tiny house movement leaders can be seen here.


Happy New Year from the Silver Bullet!

SB1.1.15Happy New Year to all!! Yes! I have finished the exterior of my tiny house. I’m taking a well-deserved break for a month for my health. I’ve been at it 7 days a week after work, on weekends since June of 2013 and I need to rest a bit before I tackle the rest of my interior construction.

Its barely been a week and already I’m itching to get inside and finish my water systems and electricity. But I made a promise to my physician and I’m going to keep it. Hmmm, what can I do…

First, I’m accepting the TerraBluTeams 52-week sustainable lifestyle design challenge for 2015!!! You can too, and I highly recommend it. Check it out here, and follow the blog which covers a new sustainability lifestyle design element every Wednesday!

Secondly, I recently read a delightful brand new book on “stuff” by designer, Chris Thomas. I found it on one of my FB tiny house sources. I would call this the adult version of the “Story of Stuff”, accept it is entitled, wait for it… You Have Too Much Shit. I must have laughed continuously through all 18 pages. It’s great. What a motivator!

Thirdly, I started on a ruthless campaign to get down to less than 500 possessions. That includes dishes, tools, clothes, jewelry, artwork – everything. Well, there goes the shoe and stamp collections (my last two). Between that and digitizing all my records, photos and receipts, I’ll be wicked busy. I’ll catch up with you in a week and give you any tips I’ve accumulated.

Now that I have finished the hardest part, do you have any questions about my journey?And how are you doing with your own tiny house journey? Can I help in any way?