Happy New Year from the Silver Bullet!

SB1.1.15Happy New Year to all!! Yes! I have finished the exterior of my tiny house. I’m taking a well-deserved break for a month for my health. I’ve been at it 7 days a week after work, on weekends since June of 2013 and I need to rest a bit before I tackle the rest of my interior construction.

Its barely been a week and already I’m itching to get inside and finish my water systems and electricity. But I made a promise to my physician and I’m going to keep it. Hmmm, what can I do…

First, I’m accepting the TerraBluTeams 52-week sustainable lifestyle design challenge for 2015!!! You can too, and I highly recommend it. Check it out here, and follow the blog which covers a new sustainability lifestyle design element every Wednesday!

Secondly, I recently read a delightful brand new book on “stuff” by designer, Chris Thomas. I found it on one of my FB tiny house sources. I would call this the adult version of the “Story of Stuff”, accept it is entitled, wait for it… You Have Too Much Shit. I must have laughed continuously through all 18 pages. It’s great. What a motivator!

Thirdly, I started on a ruthless campaign to get down to less than 500 possessions. That includes dishes, tools, clothes, jewelry, artwork – everything. Well, there goes the shoe and stamp collections (my last two). Between that and digitizing all my records, photos and receipts, I’ll be wicked busy. I’ll catch up with you in a week and give you any tips I’ve accumulated.

Now that I have finished the hardest part, do you have any questions about my journey?And how are you doing with your own tiny house journey? Can I help in any way?

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