Tinyhouse Isolation during a Pandemic

Most of you have been in isolation for a year now. Mine started last February as a caution because of my compromised immune system.

Ethan Waldman, a tiny house community friend for many years and creator of TINY HOUSE ENGAGE, interviewed me in March 2020, about what it was like, you can listen, here

5 Tips for Self Isolating in a Tiny House with Vera Struck


The Silver Bullet gets featured again!

Our founder’s off-grid, sustainable tiny home, the Silver Bullet, is once again featured in a publication. Each of the 40 houses are discussed, specs given, floor plan and pro’s/con’s. We are honored to be featured in Derek Diedricksen’s new book which is available on Amazon today! A great holiday gift for all your tiny house and micro living friends!

Microliving: 40 Innovative Tiny Houses Equipped for Full-Time Living

You can purchase it here.

Thank You Note and holiday deal

A personal Thank You to all of our Followers and Supporters!   One week thank you discount. Purchase one or BOTH Vera’s e-Books for 50% OFF thru Sunday, November 25th! 

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“Living The Sustainable Tiny Life”envelops the reader into a world that is vastly changing in ways that are new and different, but also familiar to the reader. Her book takes on an almost therapeutic aura as she welcomes you into her thought processes, resources, successes, and failures over decades of social change. After reading The Sustainable Tiny Life I feel inspired to not only live a more simple and meaningful life, but also to do more for our planet as a consumer and advocate. This book is for anyone who is interested in leading a healthier life for themselves and for future generations.” —— Christina D. Mecca-McClory BSW Researcher and Life Coach

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Living the Sustainable Lifestyle Workbook is wonderful!!! One of the pieces that others often miss is that experiencing a truly successful tiny house experience requires more than simply moving into smaller square footage. A change in lifestyle and awareness is also necessary for the best results. Your workbook takes readers through various pertinent and important exercises that will best prepare them for an amazing new life. It’s obvious that you have learned a lot from your life experiences and making your own move to tiny, so you’re a great author to put this all together. The workbook would have been helpful for us when we got started on our own tiny house and downsizing journey!! “    ——Gabriella Morrison, Tiny House Build

PayPal 50% Off Checkout Discount Code:  THX18


Silver Bullet Workshop #6 Completed!



Attendees drove from Maine, Connecticut and New Hampshire to take part in our 6th workshop this Sunday. They enjoyed the new tour and seminar format that focuses on the challenges, options, tips and rewards of the tiny sustainable life. The Silver Bullet’s mission as an education module and how to transition into a sustainable best practices lifestyle were covered in depth.

Focused discussion on tiny house trailers, design, build process, ethical products resourcing, reclamation and repurposing of found/recycled materials, the transition process, biomimetic envelope design, safety and security were all covered. Delicious local gourmet organic treats and refreshments were enjoyed.

Past and current workshop attendees comments:

“Your humor, personal build stories, and depth of information engaged me more critically with the process of building a tiny house. Totally worth it and the food was excellent!” Matt H.

“I especially liked the bloopers game because I’m sure it not only saved us (collectively) hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars, it also showed us that you can have a successful tiny house even if there are a few bloopers.”   Kelly F.

“Your efforts to include every attendee, the stories of your personal challenges, the options to consider in all aspects of the tiny house build from design, execution and what constitutes a tiny sustainable lifestyle were thorough. I’ve been to other workshops and you gave us more in 4 hours in an intimate environment than I got from a weekend elsewhere. Invaluable, totally worth it!”  Carol W.