Silver Bullet Workshop #6 Completed!



Attendees drove from Maine, Connecticut and New Hampshire to take part in our 6th workshop this Sunday. They enjoyed the new tour and seminar format that focuses on the challenges, options, tips and rewards of the tiny sustainable life. The Silver Bullet’s mission as an education module and how to transition into a sustainable best practices lifestyle were covered in depth.

Focused discussion on tiny house trailers, design, build process, ethical products resourcing, reclamation and repurposing of found/recycled materials, the transition process, biomimetic envelope design, safety and security were all covered. Delicious local gourmet organic treats and refreshments were enjoyed.

Past and current workshop attendees comments:

“Your humor, personal build stories, and depth of information engaged me more critically with the process of building a tiny house. Totally worth it and the food was excellent!” Matt H.

“I especially liked the bloopers game because I’m sure it not only saved us (collectively) hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars, it also showed us that you can have a successful tiny house even if there are a few bloopers.”   Kelly F.

“Your efforts to include every attendee, the stories of your personal challenges, the options to consider in all aspects of the tiny house build from design, execution and what constitutes a tiny sustainable lifestyle were thorough. I’ve been to other workshops and you gave us more in 4 hours in an intimate environment than I got from a weekend elsewhere. Invaluable, totally worth it!”  Carol W.




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