Silver Bullet Update

SBIntI’m so glad to be back in the Silver Bullet finishing my interior. It has been a busy two months at sustainability fairs, festivals, speaking engagements and workshops. I have intentfully held back on putting up all the interior pictures because I am about to finish this two year project in a few weeks. YAY!

Many of you know how all-consuming this kind of DIY build can be and I look forward to having the time, freedom and luxury of putting my feet up on my tiny house deck and updating all my websites, relaxing and hiking in nature and tending to the organic garden.

Just a few more weeks of full-on 24-7 building and ethically placing 2500 of my last remaining 3000 possessions, (Oh yes, I was a bean counter -CPA in a former life), and I finally move in!

I have recycled, repurposed, free cycled, sold, given away just about every piece of art gallery equipment, flat files, print racks, clothing, furniture, gifts and dishes I accumulated over my 65 years. (Used Craig’s List, yerdle, Freecycle, decluttr, Todd’s Farm, and thread up) I started this journey five years ago with 213,452 possessions from my art gallery, art studio, home and rental unit. It takes a bit longer to move through layers of emotive, personal, and career history. And even longer to downsize your resources ethically, making sure none of them end up in a landfill.

Derek Diedricksen of Relaxshacks has promised to come film the finished tiny house this summer. When I attended his workshop, way back in 2012, I told him about my dream to have a traveling “sustainable lifestyle” exhibit to tour the country.  After starting my sustainable education non-profit,, in 2011, he was the person (besides my daughter) who encouraged me past the “Tipping Point” to move forward with my dream.

In a few weeks, it will be realized. My gratitude goes out to Deek, my daughter, all the volunteers, sponsors, IndieGoGo donors, tiny house community members, friends and relatives who gave me emotional, moral, fiscal and physical support during this challenging, sometimes harrowing, amazing and totally rewarding journey.

“Living the Sustainable Tiny Life”, a book about Vera’s journey, is soon to be published. Join her in Colorado Springs this August for the Tiny House Jamboree, where she will be speaking.

Keep checking back for the Silver Bullet Open House Party to get the tour underway!

3 thoughts on “Silver Bullet Update

  1. You are a FORCE to be reckoned with!! Btw, is the silver bullet YOU or your adorable home?? I am in awe for what you have managed to accomplish and can’t wait to live my dream and be true to myself the way that you have! Lady, you are an inspiration to me to just keep on livin’ laughin’ and lovin’! Loved your Derek Diedricksen video! Made my husband sit down with me as we watched together, We are in the process of building our own tiny(ish) home (we have 3 kids) side note, you are so BEAUTIFUL inside and out! Please keep me posted with new updates!

    • Thank you Andrea. I hope your husband enjoyed it! Kudos to you both for beginning your tiny house journey. You are now part of “the tribe”. I apologize, I have been so wicked busy the last 90 days finishing the build, moving in, having it filmed and finishing my book, that my postings have been meager. Perhaps when I return from the Tiny House Jamboree 8/7 – 8/9, I can finally sit on my deck and breathe for a moment or two…

      You can be updated automatically if you “follow” my website. I also have my sustainable education website,, you can follow. And you can check me out on twitter @sbthow.

      Good luck on your build and perhaps I’ll see you down the road.

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