8th Tiny House Workshop/Tour

Our 8th Workshop!       Class # 208 The Tiny House Journey  –  Newbury, MA.
Saturday,  7/18/2015, 12 – 4 PM  $75. ***  Sign up now, before it sells out!!!
Meet a local tiny house designer/builder and learn more about her tiny house journey and the tiny house movement. Tour the Silver Bullet Tiny House on wheels (NOW COMPLETED) and discover all its reclaimed, recycled, non-toxic, sustainable and net-zero waste building materials and systems. How to transition into a sustainable lifestyle will be discussed with practical tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint quickly.
Limited to 10 attendees.
Comments from former attendees:
“If your longing to live the tiny life I highly recommend attending Vera’s workshop as a first step. Not only will you get to see, touch, and feel an actual tiny house but Vera will share with you her story, her experiences, and knowledge gained by extensive research and trial and error. I left her workshop with a bigger appreciation for the Tiny house way of life and for the movement as a whole. I now have a better understanding of the social, economic, environmental, and cultural effects this intentional way of living supports and impacts. 
So inspired to start my THOW journey real soon! ” Sophie T.
This Woman is the genuine article, my friends. Vera Struck is an inspiration to me, as well as a good friend. She is vastly knowledgeable, passionate, articulate and funny. I have been a presenter with Vera @ three different Tiny workshops, and she never ceases to amaze me.” Kari, Yurt Girl
“I also really enjoyed all the sustainability information that you shared with us. We are definitely starting to see a trend in people who we talk to: those who are environmentally conscious, and those who are financially conscious. I love that your nonprofit strives to show people that they can have both.” Megan M.
“I definitely learned a lot about how tiny houses are constructed, and providing us with some of the building materials you used was incredibly useful. The game we played at the end of the tour also really helped put everything into perspective – it was definitely a great learning process when we wrote down the top 5 things we should consider before building a tiny house.” Jay W.
“I greatly appreciate your willingness to open up your home and heart to us and share with us your values as well as your challenges.” Mika IW.

Trailer modification, design process, framing, sheathing, downsizing transitions, insulation and energy systems will be covered. Includes light refreshments, building samples and 30 minute Q&A session. Bring your sense of humor!!

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Author Elizabeth Rose’s article on Vera’s tiny house in the Newburyport Daily News, click here.
 ***All proceeds go to support sustainability education at www.terrabluteams.org.
There are two fully paid scholarships to this workshop available to those in need. To apply, please email taospirit@mac.com with a paragraph about your need and reason for attending. Include contact information & phone. Applications processed within 24 hours.

2 thoughts on “8th Tiny House Workshop/Tour

  1. What an inspiration! Thank you. My husband and I are starting to pursue the tiny house. We are in our sixties and from all the YouTube and Google sites I’ve seen, all the folks are 29-30. I was becoming discouraged about the idea and thought perhaps I should blog about Granny going tiny. Because of you, I know now that we can do this!

    • So grateful to hear from you, thanks for your kind words. Let me know if their is anything I can do! I have a book, Living the Sustainable Tiny Life, that comes out in a week! It’s all about my journey and the Silver Bullet Tiny House build. I hope it inspires others like yourself!

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