A little help please?

With swollen fingers and elbow I’m a hot mess and really should not have a drill put into my hands! After struggling to get the zip panels up on the dormer roof area last week and breaking a large picture window trying to lift it by myself, I set about asking for some volunteers to come up and help. Yeah, I can’t do it all alone. Darn.

Thank heavens some of Deek’s tiny house workshop enthusiasts offered to help me raise the rest of my front roof! I am psyched!

They arrive on Saturday; first chore, fishing their keys out of their car with my daughter’s creative invention: a walking pole with an empty paint roller.


The motley crew finds the keys!


Although the snow squalls and chilly weather (22 degrees F) were a challenge to these tiny house enthusiasts;  they were ready to learn all about the equipment and get to work. Alicia, Sean, and Jessica were definitely a colorful and cheerful crowd swarming all over the silver bullet like busy bees.

Having broken a window earlier that morning I had Sean and Jessica help me retrofit the rough opening for a smaller one.


Then we got busy returning to securing the upper framing and roof rafters.



Sean starts work with me on an upper window rough opening while I get some rafters secured with hurricane ties.GableVol.1


Our “silicone queen” sealed up the small gap between framing and the double wheel cover.


“I’m cold, you got anything to cover my legs?”, quips Alicia. My daughter, Belle, offered up the leg warmers I knit for her.


We were able to get some more rafters attached, complete the retrofit window rough opening, do the window flashing, silicone axle cushioning and zip panel cutting just as the snow took over!

And can you believe it? They are coming back next week for more! And I get to taste Alicia’s shepherd’s pie! Yummy!

2 thoughts on “A little help please?

    • Great article Jess, thanks for the mention! You are welcome anytime. Just shoveled 12 inches of snow though and 5 expected tomorrow.

      Might have to wait a bit! I’ll be starting the Spring/Summer Silver Bullet BBQ Weekends in April. You game?

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