New Workshop – The Tiny House Journey- Sunday 3/29

New Workshop!  
Class # 205 The Tiny House Journey  –  Newbury, MA.
Sunday,  3/29/2015, 12 – 4 PM  $75. ***  Openings still available, sign up now!!!
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Meet a local tiny house designer/builder and learn more about the tiny house movement. Limited to 10 attendees.

Tour the Silver Bullet Tiny House on wheels and discover all its reclaimed, recycled, non-toxic, sustainable and net-zero waste building materials and systems. How to transition into a sustainable lifestyle will be discussed with practical tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint quickly.

Comments from attendees:
“I also really enjoyed all the sustainability information that you shared with us. We are definitely starting to see a trend in people who we talk to: those who are environmentally conscious, and those who are financially conscious. I love that your nonprofit strives to show people that they can have both.” Megan M.
“I definitely learned a lot about how tiny houses are constructed, and providing us with some of the building materials you used was incredibly useful. The game we played at the end of the tour also really helped put everything into perspective – it was definitely a great learning process when we wrote down the top 5 things we should consider before building a tiny house.” Jay W.
“The seminar and tour we had with you was by far the most valuable experience I’ve had from my  design class this year.” Devyn D.
“I greatly appreciate your willingness to open up your home and heart to us and share with us your values as well as your challenges.” Mika IW.

Trailer modification, design process, framing, sheathing, insulation and energy systems will be covered. Includes light refreshments, building samples and 30 minute Q&A session. Bring your sense of humor!!

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Elizabeth Rose author’s article on Vera’s tiny house in the Newburyport Daily News, click here.
 ***All proceeds go to support sustainability education at
There are two fully paid scholarships to this workshop available to those in need. To apply, please email with a paragraph about your need and reason for attending. Include contact information & phone. Applications processed within 24 hours.

Winter Workshops for Sustainable Tiny Life Enthusiasts

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Class # 205 The Tiny House Journey, SUN. 3/29/2015, 12-4PM $75.
Meet a local tiny house builder, learn more about the tiny house movement and network with tiny house enthusiasts at a 4-Hour intimate workshop (Limited to 10 attendees).
Tour the Silver Bullet Tiny House on wheels and earn the top ten important considerations before you begin planning your build. Learn how to transition into a sustainable lifestyle and decrease your carbon footprint.
Trailer modifications, framing, sheathing, insulation, energy and water systems and design process will be covered. Includes light refreshments, tiny house workbook, building material samples, and 30 minute Q & A session.
Register by clicking on PayPal button below and we will email you instructions and directions.
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Silver Bullet Tiny House Social/Demo Event

There are still a few openings left, don’t miss out, filling up fast! Only two weeks left!

This promises to be a great weekend, rain or shine! Learn new creative and building skills, laugh and sing around the night’s fire pit with old and new tiny house enthusiast’s, builder’s and friends! (Bring an instrument to play if you have one!)

Send $25 to the Paypal address below for each attendee. Please include contact info as I will be sending follow-up emails with details, what to bring, what to expect, directions, etc.



Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

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An excerpt from the 8/28/13 article, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”, I wrote for my friend, Steven, at

“I thought the best way to change minds about global warming, climate change and ecological dysfunction was to get more education; this time, in sustainable management. If I could influence the corporate world to change their design principles and their social/financial responsibility to the communities from which they remove resources and in which they manufacture their goods, I would be doing right by doing good.

I realized the greater challenge is in educating the public about choices and practices so they can influence and raise the sustainable consciousness of their own families, corporations, communities, schools and workplaces with their own voices and pocketbooks. I know, an ambitious idea of mine to think I can help humanity save its resources by changing human behavior.

That’s when I met Deek, Steven, and other tiny house community members last November at a tiny house workshop. That weekend cemented my resolve to build the travelling sustainable “Silver Bullet Tiny House Classroom” I had been dreaming about for the last two years.


Constructing an affordable off-grid, net zero, eco-friendly “tiny house” that becomes a mobile classroom seemed like a natural part of the evolution of the non-profit organization I started in 2011 after graduating from Presidio.

After all, the tiny house community that has been growing for a decade is the sustainability imperative at work.

I envisioned the Silver Bullet serving as a base where I could work with individuals, families and communities to make smarter consumptive choices to live and learn how to design and build a more sustainable and affordable lifestyle.

I will stand on the shoulders of my sustainable giants Deek DiedricksenJay ShaferRay AndersonBob Willard, and Bill McKibben to bring sustainable lifestyle practices and design to those who need it.”

You can check out our progress at the


Founder and tiny house builder/enthusiast, Vera Struck, celebrates the beginning of the Silver Bullet build in summer 2013 and the completion of her R34 sub-floor on her 8′ x 18′ trailer.

The 2nd Workshop with Deek

Just one year ago I attended Deek’s relax shacks tiny structure workshop; more here. This last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at and attend his new format workshop. It was well organized. Two structures bases’ were already completed and thus the group was able to be more involved in learning building skills and realizing the completion of a project.

After all, you really cannot effectively have more than 4 people in, around and about a tiny structure and work productively.

There were more materials, more construction “stations”, a greater camping area, etc. I only wish I could have been there longer to enjoy all the interesting participants. Please do NOT hesitate to sign up for his next one!


One of Deek’s shacks I toured in his yard.


Drew, one of my fellow tiny house enthusiast’s from last year’s workshop is standing inside our project from the workshop.

Deek.2.5A second structure that I understand will have a tufted transparent roof.



The Tiny House Workshop


I signed up for a 3 day workshop as soon as Deek Diedricksen put it up on the web, Waiting 3 months felt like forever!

I was so obsessed with the tiny house movement that I forgot that Deek’s offer to sleep out in the “Gypsy Junker”, meant without heat. In November.

Friday afternoon we all met and started the sub-flooring on Deek’s tiny one axle trailer. I learned all about vapor barriers, “great stuff”, foam and other insulations, bolting, bracing and closing the floor of a tiny house.

We framed the walls, made openings for windows did some sheathing with some recycled building products, windows from the side of the road and siding.


Me and my new TH friend, Max, in front of the Gypsy Junker; below, Mr. Steven Harrell of Tiny House Swoon


Building a tiny home on two axles is an item on my bucket list. Now I know how to construct it and make it a carbon neutral environment. I’ll let you know when it’s done!

Now if I could just find a Honda Element “gas to cooking oil” conversion workshop I could attend, I would have a net-zero tiny house hauler! Tell me if you know of one! (As I posted this I learned my Honda can only haul 1500, so anyone have a used Ford 250 Diesel I can convert?)

I’ve renovated my mountain homes, made them energy efficient; built out my commercial studios in mill buildings and yet, I’ve never had as much fun as I did with these creative “off the grid”, eco-warriors. We all came from different backgrounds, different states, and levels of experience, ages and cultures. Tiny house advocates and the subculture that surrounds them make some pretty interesting campfire workshop parties! Our second evening campfire we were serenaded by banjoes, bongos, guitars, and the voices of passionate, driven, creative, artistic tiny house builders! And a visiting tiny house bicyclist came by with a poster as his roof treatment!


One of Deek’s early “Relaxshacks” called the Gypsy Junker (7 minute Youtube video), is all of 24 square feet! I slept in it for 2 nights, without using the heater, just to see if I could do it. Outside, 32°F, inside, 40°F. Glad I brought my Mummy Sleeping Bag and my crystal heat packs!


Thanks, Deek, for a great workshop and the opportunity to find a new group of sustainable friends! Thanks to Dustin, Steven, the Comet and Caravan builders!

After Sandy ravaged our shores this week, I was once again reminded of how powerful nature is, how vulnerable we are and humanity’s denial of our impact on climate change and environmental resources.


I’m in the red down jacket standing next to Deek. Steven Harrell from is standing behind me.

Links you may want to explore: The reusable Nikken Crystal Heat sodium acetate 6”x8” packs that kept me warm in the Gypsy Junker were 14 years old. They do not sell them anymore. However, these look great, I just ordered some.

Tiny House Workshop of Deek’s that I took this weekend in Stoughton, Ma.

The New York Times article about Deek Steven’s other website

Max’s artistic website here.