The 2nd Workshop with Deek

Just one year ago I attended Deek’s relax shacks tiny structure workshop; more here. This last weekend I had the opportunity to speak at and attend his new format workshop. It was well organized. Two structures bases’ were already completed and thus the group was able to be more involved in learning building skills and realizing the completion of a project.

After all, you really cannot effectively have more than 4 people in, around and about a tiny structure and work productively.

There were more materials, more construction “stations”, a greater camping area, etc. I only wish I could have been there longer to enjoy all the interesting participants. Please do NOT hesitate to sign up for his next one!


One of Deek’s shacks I toured in his yard.


Drew, one of my fellow tiny house enthusiast’s from last year’s workshop is standing inside our project from the workshop.

Deek.2.5A second structure that I understand will have a tufted transparent roof.



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