Choosing a Tiny House Trailer


Choosing a trailer for your tiny house can be daunting. My 4 requisites were:

1. Substantially built with two 5″ channels, strong struts or ribs

2. Local dealer who is friendly, courteous, and professional

3. Will deliver on time

4. Uses the most environmentally harmless wood with the least off-gasing

I have seen several tiny houses come apart or become structurally compromised by starting without a strong base. And yet other builders have been successful in refurbishing, repairing and making their older trailers structurally sound.

So I spent several months talking to tiny house owners and trailer distributors trying to find a local dealer that represented a sustainable and substantial trailer manufacturer. I interviewed six distributors until I found the group who would service my needs and would help their customers before and after their trailer purchase! It’s surprising how many have trouble selling to women.

Ross and Brad  Peterson at REP, in New Hampshire, were professional, courteous and excited about my project. They were thorough in answering all my questions, providing measurements, information, tours, and options.

I bought a LoadTrail 8’x 18′ trailer. It has double hung 5″ channel and the struts are very strong. The copper preserved wood in my trailer is called LifeWood, it is EPP rated (SCS’s Environmentally Preferred Product).