Autumn Update

Social Media Explained

Hi everyone! Been wicked busy building, speaking, writing, gardening, preserving, teaching and learning!  I have a confession to make. Due to lack of time, and digital social media savvy, I prefer to DO rather than BROADCAST.

So, the blog entries I wrote late at night all summer and fall while falling asleep to exhaustion just never got posted because they needed a digital component (my videos, pics) that I did not know how to edit or post until my 1st Apple iMovie tutorial this week!

I am determined to get all ten entries with visuals posted before Halloween!

The blog dates are based on occurrence and I’ve listed the Title’s Below for your reference. Links will be updated as they are posted:

5/29/2014      Basic Construction Worktable

6/1/2014        A Tiny House that Breathes

6/4/2014        The Inner Envelope

6/8/2014        Black Gold Vermicomposting

6/24/2014      Resource Dieting

7/7/2014        Biomimicry in Tiny House Roofing

9/1/2014        Another reclaimed stool, a cigar box and a tray

10/9/2014      The Silver Bullet vs. The Golden Hammer

10/11/2014     Making Art/Furniture/Fashion from your tiny house waste-stream

10/29/2014    The Silver Bullet Moves

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.26.09 PM

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