Reclaiming my waste stream by making art


During the last two years I’ve become an ardent tiny house enthusiast and have spent the last two years adjusting to living a tinier life. I’ve drawn countless tiny house designs, electrical drawings, elevation sketches, and collected windows, doors and materials from Habitat for Humanity, the side of the road, yard sales, you name it.

While in the process of getting ready to build the Silver Bullet, I have been very busy downsizing, recycling, repurposing, gifting, free cycling, and making art out of all sorts of materials. The process is challenging and totally worth it.

I’ve made shoes, necklaces, earrings, toys, bustiers, gowns, dusters, shawls, purses, pyramids, paintings and sculptures out of newspaper, plastic bottles, feathers, silk, buttons, beads, ribbons, doors, canvas, yarn, bottle caps and more.

I had great fun inspiring an excited group of local High School students to contribute an entire grid of small paintings of their own waste streams. Come and join the party on Opening Night!

(That’s my friend, Max, an artist, and fellow tiny house enthusiast, who will be modeling the fashions on opening night. She’s traveling in Europe, you can find her here.)

Waste Not, Want Not (Everything is food for something else)*

Remis Lobby Gallery, Wilkie Performing Arts Center, Governors Academy, One Elm Street, Byfield, MA. 01922

Opening night with the artist: September 20, 2013 6-8PM


*Noted reclamation artist, resource steward and sustainability educator, Vera Struck, upcycles her waste-stream into artwork,

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