The Beginning of the Silver Bullet

At first, I thought the best way to change minds about global warming, climate change and ecological dysfunction was by getting myself educated in sustainability practices so I could influence the corporate world to change their design principles and their social/financial responsibility to the communities from which they remove resources and in which they manufacture their goods.

I succeeded for a decade in helping small businesses change their BAU (Business As Usual) cultures, products and practices to embrace the quadruple bottom line of sustainable best practices (Environmental, Social, Cultural and Financial Responsibility). But I found resistance and biases everywhere. So I went back to school again.

After graduating from Presidio (EC6), I realized the greater challenge is in educating the public about choices and practices so they can influence and raise the sustainable consciousness of their own families, corporations, communities, schools and workplaces with their own voices and pocketbooks. I know, an ambitious idea of mine to think I can help humanity save its resources by changing human behavior.

You know what, I’m going to try and I’m going to start with getting myself to a more sustainable existence. I started this five year journey in 2008 that has culminated in a new career, new path, and a re-energized passion for sustainable living.

Within the coming year I will start the build of the Silver Bullet off-the-grid sustainable tiny home on wheels that will serve as a traveling classroom base. This website will tell that story.

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